Tips to Succeed as a 43km Partner

Here are some simple suggestions that will ensure you get the most out of the 43km partner program and maximize the number of travel requests and travellers that accept your offers.

  1. Read our guides on using the partner portal and creating an itinerary
  2. Spend some time to familiarize yourself with the features of the platform before you receive your first offer
  3. Be ready with some sample itineraries. You can always duplicate existing itineraries and modify them to suit the travel requests you receive.
  4. Be ready to make an offer promptly when you receive a travel request. Remember, other partners may be making offers to the same travellers as well.
  5. Look at traveller requests carefully and make offers that match the travel request criteria and budget accordingly
  6. Be friendly, answer questions and communicate in a timely manner. You are building trust and developing a relationship with your travellers that will lead to conversion. This relationship will carry on into the tour itself and lead to an awesome review at the end that will help you do more business through 43km.
  7. Respond to reviews. Thank your travellers or address any of their concerns. Either way, travellers will be able to see that you care and that you take feedback seriously.