Everything You Need to Know

Since 2015, 43km has been a leading resource for travel enthusiasts seeking inspiration for planning their holiday. Through our hand-picked itineraries and travel buddy matching service, we've built up a solid user base worldwide. This new service will allow you to connect with travellers and do business directly with them.

Only Benefits, No Downside, No Risk

There are never any setup or subscription fees. You’ll continue to receive leads and not pay a cent even if you do not book any tours.

If you operate tours in more than one country, please have your country managers create an account for each country so that you will receive tour requests for every country.

How It Works

Sign up, get approved, and get an email notification whenever a traveller requests a tour in your country.

Tour Request


Send the traveller up to three offers

Use our Itinerary Builder to build, save, and attach immersive itineraries to your offers.

Itinerary Builder


Making Offers to Travellers

Use our in-app chat to answer any questions and nurture your leads.

When your travellers are ready to book, 43km collects a deposit on your behalf (you set the amount and cancellation policy). 43km deducts a 9% referral fee (plus credit card fees) from the deposit you collect. We offer a tiered rate for preferred partners who book often.

The remainder of the tour cost, you collect directly with the traveller how ever you like

Payment Review

When you’ve collected USD $100 in deposits, you can request a payout from us (via Paypal)

Partner Payout

After the tour, travellers will give you a review. More good reviews = more bookings

For more detailed information, see https://partners.43km.co/support

Questions, please contact us at [email protected].