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We help solve sales problems faced by tour operators everywhere


Inquiries that do not book a tour with you


Time spent communicating what a customer really wants


Budget spent on marketing that underperforms

How 43km gets you customers

1. Get Connected

We connect you with users with clear travel requirements. These high quality leads mean more sales.

2. Make an Offer

Once connected, you make an offer for the tour-seeker to review.

3. Booking

When your offer is accepted, the customer pays a deposit to confirm the booking.

4. Tour and Payment

Collect full payment directly from the customer when you want, before or after the tour.

No fees until the tour is booked

  • No setup fee
  • No subscription fee
  • Minimal referral fee only when a booking is made

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What others say

Very excited about 43km platform, can't wait to showcase my city to more people!
Taku, tour guide