Using the 43km Partner Portal

Congratulations on becoming a 43km Partner! Together, we help you increase your brand awareness, drive high quality traffic to your business, and most importantly earn revenue!

This guide will explain the various screens within the Partner portal and how to use it most effectively.

Your Profile

When you log in to your Partner account, you’ll see your name, your company name, and a number of tabs. Under the dropdown beside your name, you’ll find menus where you can edit your information, upload a profile picture, a company picture, and change your password. It is a good idea to upload a picture and check your information to ensure it is correct. After all, you’ll be communicating with potential travellers who want to learn about you and your company. Here you can also see your balance, a list of the deposits you have collected, and request a payout.

Traveller Requests

Travellers looking for a tour fill out a request form where they can specify the details of the trip they are requesting. Travellers will specify the country they want to visit, the number of adults, children aged 1-14, their budget, the requested start date of the tour, the number of days, the type of trip they are interested in and the type of things they would like to see, and whether they expect the tour to include accommodations, meals, and local transportation. They may also include a note with more information such as rooming requirements, dietary restrictions, or special requests.

When a traveller tour request is matched with your agency, you’ll receive an email notification and the request will appear in the Requests tab. You can click the ‘Details’ button to see all of the information in the request.

The tour that you offer your prospective travellers will need to match those criteria as closely as possible.

If you have a number of pending requests, you can sort them by Newest, Budget, and Start Date.

If you are not interested in a request that you receive, you can click ‘Remove’ to hide it permanently.

Making an Offer

You’ve received a tour request and you think you can offer them a tour of a lifetime! Click the “Make an offer” button on the ‘Requests’ tab and you’ll be taken to the “Offer” screen where you can put together up to three offers for your prospective travellers. Here you’ll see the full details of the traveller’s request so that you can setup your offer to match what they’re looking for. Enter the price for adults and children if applicable, whether accommodations, meals, and local transportation are included in the price, and provide as much additional information as you can about the trip.

Whenever possible, you should also select an itinerary from your existing itineraries or click “Add itinerary” to build a new itinerary for this offer. Itineraries are a great tool to help travellers visualize their trip.

Next you will need to select the deposit amount. The deposit amount is the percentage of the total trip cost in USD that will be paid in order to confirm the booking. In order for the traveller to confirm the booking, they will pay by credit card. No need to worry, we handle all of that via our payment processor Stripe, the best in the business. For more information on how that converts into revenue for you, please see our article regarding payment.

Cancellation Period
Lastly, you can set the number of days ranging from no cancellation to 60 days in which the travellers can cancel the booking and receive a 100% refund.

Send the Offer
After you’ve put together the offer, and you’re ready to send it to your prospective travellers, click “Send the offer” and the travellers will be notified that an offer is available. You can still make updates to the offer or withdraw it completely even after it’s been sent, but not after it’s been accepted and the traveller has paid the deposit.

My Offers

Once you’ve sent off your offer, it’ll go into the “My Offers” tab. Here you will see all of the travellers that you have made offers to. Click on any of the offers to see the request details and the details of the offers you made. If the travellers have any questions, they’ll be able to message you here and you’ll be able to reply. You cannot initiate conversation with the travellers. They will see your offers and if they have any questions, contact you.

After you’ve discussed any questions and made any revisions to your offer, the traveller will accept your offer by paying the deposit, a percentage of the total trip cost. When a deposit is paid, you’ll see a red $ sign beside the name of the traveller and a green banner marking the offer that was accepted. In order to make the trip official, you will need to click the Confirm Booking button.



On the Bookings tab, you’ll see a helpful calendar with all your tour bookings. Click on any of them and you can see the details of the request and the accepted offer. There is also a handy space for you to write some notes about this tour.



Once the tour has begun, your travellers can leave you a review and give you a star rating. This is extremely valuable feedback and an important benefit of the 43km Partner Program since we all know that a good rating will help other travellers decide to choose you over other tour operators in your country/region. Of course we understand that sometimes feedback is one-sided so we also give you the opportunity to respond to a review. Whether to thank your travellers or address any concerns, it’s entirely up to you, but either way, travellers will be able to see that you care and that you take feedback seriously.