Whenever you receive a deposit, the amount is added to your balance. You can access your balance in your profile dropdown menu.

There are never any setup or subscription fees to use the service. We only take up to 9% of the total trip cost as our referral fee which is deducted from the deposit along with the transactional fees that we help you collect. The remainder of the trip cost is yours to collect from the travellers however you like.

Our referral fee operates on a tiered system where partners who book more tours have lower referral fees. For details about our tiered system, please contact us directly.

Let’s look at an example:

A tour costs $1,000 in total and the deposit amount you requested from the travellers is 20% or $200. We would collect up to 9% or $90 of the total $1,000 as our referral fee. Our payment processor will also deduct the transactional fees of 2.9% of the deposit + $0.30 (or $6.10), so in total you would be eligible for $103.90. Of course, you would collect the remaining 80% or $800 directly from the travellers so your total earnings would be $906.80.

Regardless of the amount of the deposit (minimum 10%), our referral would never exceed 9%.

When your balance reaches $100, you can request a payout from the Balance screen under your profile dropdown. Please note, a deposit for a tour can only be paid out after the tour starts. Payment is done through Paypal and you will be able to enter the email address for us to send your payment. Paypal transactional fees are automatically deducted from the payout amount. For more information on the fees in your region, visit Paypal.

Last Updated 07-Jul-2018